Principal's Corner

Dear Knight Families,

During the past few weeks we have seen our school community come together to support the many Canby families that are struggling as the weather has become colder and wetter. Our school community has reached far into their pantries and clothes closets to support those in need. By the bagfuls, students have brought in extra non-perishable food items and gently used coats and jackets. The students have shown sheer joy on their faces as they have watched the collection of donated items increase. As of Thursday, December 10th our school has collected over 2,600 food items. Thank you!

It is my hope that this time of year continues to bring this same joy to your home. I am fortunate that I get to see your children in an environment that encourages kindness, sharing, and thoughtfulness. Children do not need more electronics and hand held devices. They need to know that the adults in their lives love and care for them, unconditionally. They need consistency and structure. They need opportunities to give of themselves and to share. They need us! Thank you for all of the loving guidance and time you give them. Childhood is incredibly too brief.


Christine Taylor, D.Ed