Many Hands, One Community

One look at the smiling faces circling Knight Elementary, and you can tell this is more than just a school. It’s a community.

That was the message on January 26 during the “Many Hands, One Community” event. Students and staff joined hands and encircled the school to symbolize how connected they are as a community. The idea came to Principal Christine Taylor by teacher Angela Kastrava as a way to celebrate each other.

The community joined hands and formed a circle around the school, while a drone flew overhead, capturing the event on camera. Then everyone made their way to the field behind the school and stood in the shape of a heart.

“We really felt the heart symbolized the care and appreciation we have for one another,” explained Principal Taylor.

The community then sang three songs to celebrate its unity: The More We Get Together, We Are the World, and Lean on Me. Many students held hands while they sang.

“What a wonderful feeling to have us all singing and celebrating together,” said Counselor Amie Mykisen. “We have an amazing and caring community here, where we all have a place and we all have a voice.”

Students also showed the way their “many hands” come together within the school to make one community through a series of artwork hands that encircle the walls of the cafeteria.

“We take care of each other, we share together, we lean on each other. Together we make this community the amazing place that it is,” explained Mykisen.

Principal Taylor hopes this unity exercise will stay with students for a long time to come.

“The Knight community is special and this is just one way for us to acknowledge how much we build each other up on a daily basis,” said Taylor. “I feel privileged to lead this community and to see how people from all walks of life can work together in the best interest of our children.”