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What an unprecedented time we find ourselves in! Many of us are experiencing major shifts in our lives, from unemployment, to teaching kids at home, loss of activities and worry about loved ones. We are all, in our own ways trying to manage the effects of this crisis on our own families. Remember to show yourself grace in this process, doing your best each day, knowing that each day your best may look a little different and forgiving ourselves. I wish you and your families the best as you navigate these huge changes. I have updated this page with information and resources that might be helpful to you during this Covid 19 Pandemic.

Need a great resource for Parents?! The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has created this book and workbook for children and families to read together. It covers some really important information in a reassuring and kid-friendly way! Great tips and modeling for how to talk to kids about the pandemic and all of the changes and losses that kids are experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. Absolutely amazing resource/ book! An educational and reassuring book that covers so much of the change and disruption that kids have recently experienced. Recommended for parents to read ahead, pages can be omitted if they are not as relevant.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. This is a workbook/ book to read to kids that helps cover all kinds of information about the Corona Virus, what happens and how to stay well. It's super kid friendly and reassuring. This is an amazing resources!

Coping In Hard Times Fact Sheet The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Information for parents on how to handle hard economic times, tips for strategies and resources that can help.

A guide for at Home Learning Oregon Department of Education

How talk to kids about Covid 19
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Child Mind Institute

Crisis Management Institute Weekly guided activities for families


Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tips for parents on how to support children before, during and after an emergency

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Great tips and information for families including typical reactions kids might have and how parents can support them.

How to support kids during Covid 19
Photo for aesthetics - subject: How to support kids during covid 19 Parenting support and information from the American Academy of Pediatrics

How To Support Kids During The Corona Virus Crisis Child Mind Institute Take aways for supporting kids during the Covid 19 Pandemic:

  • keep routines
  • exercise
  • take care of your mental health
  • limit news consumption
  • stay in contact with friends and family
  • stay positive
  • ask for help when needed
  • check in with your kids